Hot Sauce

A traditional family recipe now made in Pemberton, BC, Canada.

A Family Tradition

Enjoy Grandma Mendonca’s famous traditional hot sauce recipe at our restaurant location in Pemberton, BC, Canada or at home anywhere in the world!

Grandma Mendonca’s recipe for hot sauce is an excellent choice for your meals. This extraordinary lady we called Violet, Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma had amazing cooking talents that she passed on to all who were interested. She was the Queen of the kitchen. A baker and a seamstress. When she immigrated to Canada in the early 1950’s she began catering from our home for other new immigrants from Guyana.

Grandma Mendonca made traditional Guyanese flavors for everyone in the community to enjoy. Her famous hot sauce was always asked for to compliment the variety of foods that she created. Her dream was to market her sauce to the world and her grandson Dwayne made that happen in Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada from Grimm’s Deli. Thanks mom for all your food love and a recipe that we will always enjoy forever.

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